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Punto Fibbia is a leading manufacturer of accessories and buckles.
Many years of expertise in the accessories industry mean it is able to create numerous different processes that require a great deal of experience and careful preparation.

Punto Fibbia takes care of every stage in production in house: designs, prototypes, creation of moulds, and customisation.
Thanks to its care and constant commitment, Punto Fibbia is synonymous with professionalism, reliability and speed.


The design team at Punto Fibbia consists of expert designers, both internal and external, working throughout Europe. A careful eye on all of the major trends in the industry guarantees the company can offer customers collections that are always perfectly on trend or fashion forward.


Punto Fibbia has an in-house prototypes division that allows the prototype to be completed within just a few hours, using 8 next-generation CNC machines to work brass.

This important in-house division, the company is able to cut sample making time, which guarantees both quality and swift delivery to the customer.


Punto Fibbia is able to create moulds in house, making it possible to proceed to production. Every stage of product finishing is carried out in house, from tumbling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, welding and assembly, through to the colouring of the product.


Punto Fibbia is able to customize its finished products using laser processes, after the accessory has been coloured or engraved, or even during the creation of the accessory itself.
Customisation allows customers to receive an exclusive accessory with their own brand.